About This Blog

  • I planned to write a blog long time ago, but I quitted then since building it from scratches just takes too much time and I was distracted by other stuff. Recently, I am about to join a new company which requires me to use Python and do backend work. So I just write this blog to ramp up the basics about backend engineering and some frontend work.
  • I am using django for the backend and Hexo template for the frontend. As you know, Hexo is a pure frontend framework, I first generate some basic pages then modified them to django template and suits my need. I almost have zero knowledge in frontend so I just cut off the part I think is dificult to implement. Feel free to check the code here and give me comments or suggestions on this blog webiste.
  • As for the content of this blog, I am going to share my learning notes, book reviews, and also something about my life. Mostly I will write in English, but it could happen that I use Chinese for some articles. All the posts are not final, I will keep adding/modifying content in each post in case I have new findings in the future.

About Myself

  • My name is Yichun and I am based in the United States right now.
  • I used to work as a Blockchain Engineer but now I worked for a "start-up" company as a backend engineer.
  • I love games, coding and basketball.